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Steve Thind is the founder of 8 Breaths of Life Wellness and a Certified Meditation Practitioner. He was born into a deeply spiritual Indian family, He learned the science of pure North Indian wisdom, tradition, meditation and Satnam intuition training from his Grandfather (lovingly known as Baba Ji). Steve was given this knowledge at the tender age of 12. Over the years, Steve devoted much time to these traditions. From this foundation knowledge passed on from Baba Ji, Steve created the 8 Breaths of Life in early 2016. "At the time around 2003, in my life I was running astray from the path of Life that I was taught to live by Baba Ji. I was very stressed, depressed daily.I was with people who had negative aspirations in life. I realized that I had to go back to my roots and change my Life" Steve incorporated the 8 Breaths of Life meditation techniques when he was searching for focused meditation. With the stress and depression I became overweight so I had incorporated HIIT  cardio, weight training and Healthy eating. I studied the science behind my fitness training and at that time I created the 8 main breaths of life. Steve focuses on meditation of Eastern philosophies blended with Western traditions. Steve calls this a 'Fusion Meditation'. Steve's meditation techniques are a key to stress management and overall wellness. I'm in the best mental and physical shape of my life. The 8 main let's say Fundamental Principals of Life focusing on every persons stress and daily issues. The basis is the promotion of Inner peace by first addressing our own Mind and the effects of our actions on our own mind and body and the synergy of energy with the people we interact with. So this, in turn creates a simplified version of our own self to the point that we have decreased or eliminated any negative energy.